Baby Stitch Loves To Make Buying For Yourself and Giving Beautiful Gifts Easy For You

Gilbert the Owl Towel SetWhen I was pregnant with my first child, I remember how excited I was. And then how much more excited I became when I found out it was a girl. I kept thinking of all the things that I wanted to get this baby. I also remember doing my shopping and the things that I would gravitate to were the ones that were unique, the ones I wasn’t likely to find another baby down the street wearing or using.

For this reason, I recommend Baby Stitch to all expectant mothers. Most likely you are like me, in wanting to find the cutest, most special and innovative designs for your little one. And Baby Stitch gives you that experience of making your little one just as unique as each individual ought to be.

Everyone has their own unique identity. Baby Stitch allows you to get the supplies needed for your baby, all found in intricately woven designs that will wrap your bundle of joy into soft comfort.

Here is a list of items that you can get when you shop at Baby Stitch:

1. Nappy Cakes For Sale – Baby Stitch provides personalized nappy cakes that are so beautifully designed they will take your breath away. Perfect as a gift to an expectant mom, this will be a surprise that she will want to put on display.

2. Baby gift hampers and baskets- a browse through the magnificent collection of baby hampers and baskets will have you going mushy on the inside. These are personalized for each special baby and come with a variety of items that are just too cute to resist.

3. Baby blankets- choose between the most snuggly blankets that you will ever find and personalized baby blankets. Whichever you choose is perfectly designed for the comfort, warmth and a sense of security for your little one. It will feel like they are still snuggled in the nest of your protective arms.

4. Baby Towels and Bathrobes- baby towels and bath sets are so professionally and creatively put together that you can see just how much Baby Stitch cares. Made of only quality material to provide a gentle feel on your baby’s smooth and soft skin.

5. Baby Twins- if you are lucky enough to be doubling up on your bundle of joy, we have personalized items for both your newborn babies. Makes it easy to organize their items because of the way we personalize them for you.

6. Socks – these are essential for a newborn baby that we just grab any pair that we can find. But today we give you creativity with our three scoops of socks.

7. Toys- toys and dolls are also a part of what Baby Stitch offers. Specially designed dolls and rattles that are made of non-hazardous materials for the safety of your child.

Gifts For Everyone

And it gets even better! You don’t have to be an expectant mom to shop at Baby Stitch. Baby Stitch extends its creative crafts to items for men and women as well as engagement gifts and personalized and embroidered cushions and pillows. So much time, effort, creativity and energy are placed into the items because Baby Stitch Loves To Make Buying For Yourself And Giving Beautiful Gifts Easy For You.


Newborn Nappy Cakes: A Great Gift Idea for New Bubs

Nappy CakesNappy cakes is a collection of baby gift items that are arranged to look like a cake. So you’ll find 2-tiered or 3-tiered nappy cakes which are a beautiful sight to look at. Made up mainly of baby diapers rolled up and tied with ribbons, they also include other useful baby stuff like baby blankets, bibs, caps, sleep suits, baby wraps, singlets, etc. Ideally, nappy cakes are a great gift idea for newborn babies, new parents or expectant mothers.

Nappy cakes are being increasingly used as centrepieces for baby showers or christenings due to their unique appeal as decorative as well as practically useful items. Rolled up nappies are arranged together, wrapped in baby blankets or muslins and tied up with colourful ribbons. Other baby products like bibs, baby caps or hats, sleep suits, scratch mitts, baby socks are also added to the hamper that is a nappy cake. The beautiful manner in which they are packed and presented makes them perfect decorative items to be used for any occasion involving newborn babies.

Welcoming a new life into this world is a special feeling for the new parents. Gifting them with nappy cakes full of useful baby items like newborn nappies and stuff is a delightful experience. You might even give this unique gift to a colleague who is going on maternity leave or one who has just brought a new life into this world. New parents also appreciate this practical gifting idea as something that can be easily used for the newborn baby.

Baby Stitch ( is an online store based in Australia that offers personalised baby products and gifting ideas. Gift baskets, baby wraps and baby blankets, Baby Nappy Cakes and other personalised baby gifts are available at the store. The products included in the nappy cake are embroidered with the baby’s name making them exclusive presents and mementos for the newborn.

A typical newborn nappy cake from Baby Stitch would include 20 newborn baby nappies, a muslin baby wrap with colourful embroidery and trimmings, a large personalised baby wrap, baby socks, singlets and other baby items. All the products are personalised by embroidering the baby’s name on each item. There is great attention to detail when preparing these unique baby gifting items to make your baby feel extra special.

To order for newborn Nappy Cakes, visit the website and make a selection. Enter the details in the order form – you can even send a complimentary card with your message to the new parents. You order will be processed and dispatched within three working days anywhere in Australia. International shipping is also available, so even if you want to send a personalised present to your loved ones overseas, it is possible to do so through So, go ahead and look for those unique baby gifts that will make the new parents happy.

BabyStitch’s Snuggle Baby Blankets For Your Newborn Baby

Baby Gift BasketBabies love soft and cuddly objects, be it a stuffed toy or a blanket. A baby blanket is a comfort object used to provide psychological comfort for newborn babies and tiny tots. It is a security blanket that provides kids with instant comfort, it reduces anxiety and helps them sleep better. The cosiness afforded by a snuggle baby blanket helps them fall asleep faster and keeps them relaxed, making them happy babies.

BabyStitch’s snuggle baby blankets are especially designed with plush materials for the little ones to love and snuggle into. Silky soft trimmings or soft fleece make these mini blankets extremely comfortable for your newborn baby. You’ll find that your baby gets quickly attached to the baby blanket. Without it, baby refuses to sleep or she becomes restless and irritable.

A soft, plush and cuddly animal head attached to the blanket adds an element of interest for the baby. BabyStitch offers a range of snuggles baby blankets with different stuffed animal heads in a variety of colours. For example, you can choose from among different animals like giraffe, dog, teddy bear, lamb, mouse, owl and several more. You also have a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Animal-themed baby blankets lend a squeezable texture to the blanket that babies love. The stuffed animal head which is soft and cuddly gives the baby something to hold on to and play with. All animal features like eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, etc. are embroidered, making them completely safe for a newborn baby.

In addition to animal themes, there are other options like girls cotton brushed blanket or boys cotton brushed blanket. You may choose to have BabyStitch’s snuggle baby blanket personalised with the baby’s name and date of birth. The name and date is embroidered on the blanket, making it a unique gift for a newborn baby.

Personalised snuggle baby blankets make for a thoughtful and unique gift for a newborn baby. They are also the perfect gifting option for Baby Gift Hampers Online, christening or birthdays. Mini blankets can be used to decorate nurseries or used as a cover in cradles and prams. Combined with a animal head baby blanket or wrap, you can create a beautifully personalised baby blanket gift set for the new born. Snuggle baby blankets are easily washed and tumble-dried in the washing machine.

Get BabyStitch’s snuggle baby blankets for a newborn baby online at Browse through the photos and make your choice. If you have a particular colour or animal theme in mind, you can get them to change it to your preference. Your personalised snuggles baby blanket order will come beautifully gift wrapped with a complimentary New Baby Hamper Gifts card where you can specify your message at the time of placing the order. So, go ahead and get a memorable gift that will make the baby happy.