BabyStitch- Quality and Reliable Personalised Baby Gifts Delivery

Personalised Baby GiftsYou’ve just been informed that your cousin (or some near relative or friend) has a new baby boy or girl and you are invited to a party at their house. Now you’re wondering what gift to buy the new born baby or the parents. Wonder no more; we’ve put together some wonderful gifting ideas that make sense – gifts that will be appreciated and your hard earned money won’t go waste.

To figure out what gift you should be buying the newly born baby, you need to think about what the new baby or parents might need. You’d be surprised to know how little the parents themselves are prepared for the arrival of their new baby. So a carefully selected gift could be more than just welcome – here’s a short list:

• Monogrammed Baby bathrobes

• Cotton brushed blankets with matching snuggles

• Monogrammed soft-hooded towels

• Monogrammed bathrobes for the parents

• Baby hampers,

• Twin baby packs – for twin babies

• Christening gifts that include personalised items along with a silver cross

• Cloth toys and nappy cake sets

• Monogrammed or personalised embroidered cushion sets and pillow sets

• Undershirts or Onesies – a mix of long and short-sleeves.

• Nightgowns, socks or booties and one-piece stretchy sleepers with easy zippers.

• Pants, hats for newborn

• Scratch mittens – in case you are wondering what these are – they are used to prevent the baby from scratching its face.

• Cardigans to weather the coming winter. A red and white colour would be ideal especially with Christmas round the corner.

• Cotton blankets and receiving blankets

• Feeding bottles, bibs and burp cloths, nursing pillow

• Milk storage containers

• Nursing pillow, Lotion for sore nipples

• Plastic infant tub

• Baby soft-bristled hair brush, feeding bottle and nipple brush

• Crib mattress with waterproof mattress covers

• Sleep sack with waterproof pads that are placed under the baby

• Infant safety seat appropriate for the vehicle the parents use.

• Reclining stroller

• Baby thermometer, Eye dropper or medicine spoon

• Rocking chair for feeding and swaddling

• Sling or baby carrier, Diaper bag

• Rattles and other baby toys,

• Night light

• Thermal bottle carrier

• One-time use and re-usable diapers (with Snaps, velcro or safety pins )

• Diaper pail, Changing pad

• Snow Suit or Bunting bag for the coming winter

• Extra mild laundry detergent for babies

• Baby soap or cleanser

• Outdoor suits for babies

• Anti-rash baby ointment

• Disposable wipes or a couple dozen wash-cloths for cleaning baby’s bottom

Arm yourself with one of these excellent Baby Gifts Australia and you can’t go wrong. Remember, that babies need many pairs of everything from feeding bottles to soft toys, blankets and clothes. So even if someone else has already gifted the baby or its parents with something similar, your gift will still not be wasted – especially if it’s personalised.

Fortunately, these days you need not spend time visiting a shop instead, you can shop online and one the best online addresses to shop for new born baby products is

Baby stitch offers customisation with every baby product they sell. If you cannot personally attend the party for the Newborn Baby Clothes, Baby Stitch will even ship your selected item direct to the receiver along with a card.


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